Professional Development (CPD) For Business

2 Oaks tailors CPD specifically for your business needs.

Whether you’re a huge organisation needing your staff to refresh their grammar, or improve their communication skills, or you’re an individual looking for help promoting what you do to boost your sales, we’ll create a package right for your company.

We all learn to read and write at school. But when did you last check an aspect of the way you’re using language? Does your team know how to send a clear and concise emails without errors that might make you seem unprofessional? Are you unsure about when to use a colon or an apostrophe? Our course Language Refesh covers the common pitfalls in written communication.

Sell your best work with the best words.  Promote your business by selling your products or services using tried and tested language devices.  Organise a CPD session crafted to help you make the most of your company’s attributes. We’ll teach you a variety of persuasive techniques you can apply to your business immediately and as it grows and develops.

Whatever it is you’re after in the realm of language, CPD sessions are tailored to suit your purpose. Get in touch to discuss your particular business needs.